Meet Indy Chabra, MD

Dr. Indy Chabra received his Ph.D. and medical degree from the Stony Brook University School of Medicine in New York after pursuing bachelor degrees in Chemistry, Biological Sciences, and Economics at Stanford University. After completing his Dermatology residency, Dr. Chabra developed a passion for solving common skin concerns, especially after witnessing confidence return to his patients when their complexions cleared, their dark spots faded, and their wrinkles released.

“I love being able to diagnose and treat a patient’s skin problems,” said Dr. Chabra, MD, Ph.D., FAAD, ASMS. “Sometimes patients have been struggling with their skin issues for years, and it’s fulfilling to help them finally address, treat, and relieve them.”

Dr. Chabra’s favorite treatment methods at Midlands Cosmetic include fillers and lasers. “I like fillers because there are a variety of skin ailments and concerns they successfully address,” he adds. “Our lasers are equally versatile and represent the best technology in the area.”

While Dr. Chabra handles the minimally invasive treatments in-house at Midlands Cosmetic, he is never without approachable skin care advice for men and women. “For women, I recommend two things: daily sunscreen and nightly retinol,” he states. “For men, sunscreen is equally important, especially on the face, ears, neck, hands, and forearms. I also remind men to avoid shaving over the same area multiple times, which can irritate and dry the skin. Use a clean, fresh blade and get a smooth pass in one go.”

When he isn’t improving the confidence and looks of his patients, Dr. Chabra enjoys playing tennis and spending time with family.

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Veronica GevikMeet Indy Chabra, MD