Laser Rejuvenation

Laser Genesis

This treatment uses multiple passes with a nonablative Nd:Yag laser. The treatment is painless and no downtime. The treatment uses heat to stimulate collagen production. Best for red or brown irregularities, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. For best results, five to six treatments are recommended.

Pigment Laser for Brown Discoloration

Our clinic has two laser options that treat the brown pigmentation of the skin, sun spots, melasma and sun damage. The treatment often results in darkening of the treated spots then sloughing off over 5-7 days. Cost of the treatment varies based on size, location and severity.

Common conditions treated:
Solar lentigo (sun spots)

Vascular Laser for Redness and Vascular Lesions

Our clinic has two lasers that can target red defects in our skin. The lasers shrink blood vessels like spider veins, hemangiomas and telangiectasias.

Mild redness and occasional bruising occur after treatment. Often only one to two treatments are required. Cost is based on size, location and severity.

Common conditions treated:
Facial veins (Telangiectasias)
Leg veins (Spider Veins)

Laser Hair Removal

We have two lasers to allow versatility in skin coloration types, hair color and coarseness. Laser treatments target the pigment in the hair shaft to disable the follicle from growing new hair. Best results come with trimmed hair but no waxing or sugaring. No downtime after the treatment. Proper treatment requires three to five treatments every 4-8 weeks (time between treatments based on location/time of normal hair cycle).

Common Treatments:
Upper Lip
Axilla (underarms)
Lower legs


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