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Teleheath Visits

Right now, during the outbreak of COVID-19, we need your help to protect our ability to take care of you, your family and the patients who need us the most. We are continuing to explore ways to practice social distancing at our office and will continue to update you...

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Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

WHAT IS IT LASER HAIR REMOVAL Kills hair follicles which prevents hair growth using a concentrated beam of light Very quick>fastest hair removal method Much less painful than waxing Mostly permanent (hair will always regrow after a few years on women due to...

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Take a Closer Look at How the Sun Affects Your Skin

We are right in the middle of summertime, and that means sunny days and warm weather. People are outside in the sun with their skin exposed trying to soak up the rays. As they shed the layers of clothing, it often prompts people to take a closer look at their skin and...

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Your Health Matters: Local clinic sees success with non-surgical fat treatment

Three cheers (and wins) for Midlands

2018 Siouxland’s Choice Awards Winners: Health & Fitness

SculpSure offers noninvasive option for fat reduction

FDA-approved Kybella targets chin fat

Moisturizing key to preventing winter dry skin

Threats to your skin abound on, in and around bodies of water

Say Goodbye to Red, Itchy Skin

New laser treatment gives Siouxland patients with psoriasis, vitiligo another option

Common care products cause skin irritations

New biologic drugs offer relief for psoriasis sufferers