Natural beauty… with a little help from our friends

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Take a look at the photo above. Does one photo automatically make you think that person is happier, friendlier and even more beautiful? Did you have a check list you went through to determine which photo one was more attractive than the other? Our minds subconsciously recognize aspects of people’s faces and bodies that allow us to make the decision that something is considered beautiful. It is the eyes, mouth, cheekbones- all in the right proportions and balanced….natural.

With time we start to develop changes on our faces and bodies that stand out or distort our original proportions. We have creases between our eyebrows, lines above our lips, sunken skin on our cheeks, brown spots on the chest and hands, and little rolls above our waistband. All of these changes are part of the aging process yet lend us to feel less attractive and takes away from our confidence when we look in the mirror. Our minds subconsciously recognize the imperfections. We notice them on ourselves and everyone we meet.

Can using lasers, Botox or fillers actually give us back our natural beauty? Every day cosmetic dermatologists hear, “I don’t want the procedure done because I don’t want to look fake.” However, when done correctly, cosmetic procedures can restore or slightly enhance our face and bodies but still appear natural.

We have all seen examples of overdone or poorly done procedures. Even though when just looking at the lips or the forehead alone they may look “perfect.” However, a frozen forehead or huge lips that are out of proportion make us stop and think…what is wrong with this picture? No longer do we think beautiful but unnatural.

Subtle procedures that appear natural is the goal at Midlands Cosmetic, Dermatology & Skincare. We strive to make people look better without others realizing anything was done. 

Natural beauty… with a little help from our friends


  1. Gillian Babcock

    My sister wants to make sure that she’ll look pretty on her wedding day. It was explained here that a good touch up will make her look happier and friendlier. Furthermore, it’s recommended to hire professionals for quality cosmetic dermatology.

  2. Ridley Fitzgerald

    It’s great tot know more about cosmetic dermatology. I like how you said that procedures like Botox, lasers, and fillers can actually look really natural if they’re done right. I’d love to get rid of the wrinkles on my forehead, so I’ll have to look into this.