Skin Rejuvenation


This microdermabrasion/hydrafacial is a relaxing facial treatment to brighten skin. No downtime, just silky smooth skin when you leave.

Chemical Peels

A variety of mild acids, such as retinoic, glycolic or resorcinol that peel away the damaged epidermis. Some are infused with vitamins such as Vitamin C for a healthy glow. Peels vary in intensity and can have up to one week of peeling and/or redness. We can determine which peel is best based on the target outcome, your lifestyle and schedule.

Featured peels: SkinMedica Vitalize Peels and Neostrata Retinol Peels


This is the hottest new treatment in resurfacing. Fine gauged needles are injected into the skin to improve skin laxity and texture irregularities. Ideal for acne scarring. Redness and mild petechia for 1-2 days following.


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