Take a Closer Look at How the Sun Affects Your Skin

We are right in the middle of summertime, and that means sunny days and warm weather. People are outside in the sun with their skin exposed trying to soak up the rays. As they shed the layers of clothing, it often prompts people to take a closer look at their skin and what they should do to protect it and could do to improve it. Throughout the summer I am going to post a bit of advice on ways to protect and enhance your skin.


The UV light emitted from the sun, and tanning beds, has many negative effects on our skin. These effects include:

  • Break down of elastic tissue and collagen

  • Accumulation of brown pigment

  • Increase in permanent redness

  • Damage to our DNA.

All of this leads to wrinkles, sun spots, small veins (telangiectasias) and precancers/skin cancers, which can be avoided by simply applying sunscreen.


I thought I would start by addressing some of the most common questions my patients ask me every day- what can I do to help and prevent wrinkles, what SPF sunscreen should I use, and what do you use on your skin?

If you want to prevent wrinkles and improve your skin, the first and most crucial step is sunscreen! A sunscreen with SPF 30 and higher helps block the majority of the damaging UV rays. I have several sunscreens that I personally love and are my go-to products for everyday use.


Two of the products at the top of my list are the sunscreens from Colorescience. Our nurse practitioner, Ellen Wengert, and I both highly recommend these products for excellent sun protection and ease of use. They come in a liquid and a brush-on formulation.

The powder brush-on sunscreen is the product I take everywhere. It is always in my car or in my purse, somewhere I can quickly and easily access it. It is SPF 50 and is water resistant. I love that you can brush it on over existing makeup, it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t make your hands sticky or dirty, and it is not a liquid so it can travel without spilling or getting confiscated at security. Everyone- even children can use this sunscreen. It is all mineral, so sensitivity to it is very low. It doesn’t plug pores and can be used on acne prone or oily skin. There is almost no reason to not love it!

The liquid formulation is also all mineral, SPF 50 and is exceptionally lightweight. It has a tint of color and can replace foundation for some people.

If anyone says they don’t like sunscreen or can’t find one that works, they have not tried these Colorescience products!

Colorescience is now available at Midlands Cosmetic. For more information, stop by our office or call us at 712-224-SKIN.


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